PRO-IMPLANT is sponsor of a prospective interventional clinical trial, evaluating the role of intravenous fosfomycin in the treatment of PJI, holding the acronym “PROOF-Study” (Prosthetic Joint Infection Outcome with Fosfomycin). In this study, the outcome of a fosfomycin-containing antibiotic regimen is investigated. Currently, 8 of 25 study centers in Germany are already recruiting patients in this study.

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we are proud to announce that the PRO-IMPLANT Foundation is an organisational partner of the Spine Experts Group 2018 Annual meeting (SEG 2018). We will be host of Spinal infections section of the congress which will be held from November 30th till December 1st, 2018 in Hotel International in Zagreb, Croatia.

Few places are still left for the interactive PJI Workshop (in German) on 5.-6.11.2018 in Berlin, moderated by Dr. Hinnerk Baecker and Dr. Andrej Trampuz. During the workshop, modern diagnostic, prevention and treatment concepts will be discussed. See the program flyer.

This workshop is accredited for “Fortbildungspunkte”. Register here

Pocket Guide Cranial

PRO-IMPLANT Foundation issued a new Pocket Guide on Infections after cranial neurosurgery, which you can downloaded here. This Pocket Guide was developed in cooperation with Dr. Anna Conen (Deputy Head of Infectious Diseases, Aarau, Switzerland) and Prof. Peter Vajkoczy (Director the Clinic for Neurosurgery at Charité Hospital Berlin). For more information see review article here.

CP Statistik PIFThe number of submitted requests trough the Consultation Portal is continuously increasing, strengthening the PRO-IMPLANT network and improving the communication and exchange of experience through this online tool.

The average time until advisor´s response is 6 hours. We are continuously improving the functionality and user experience.

Bratislava IMG 1765 2On  March 13, 2019, the first PRO-IMPLANT Workshop on Implant-Associated Infections will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia, organized in cooperation with the Slovak Orthopedic and Traumatologic Society (SOTS). During the Workshop, modern diagnostic and treatment concepts for infection in orthopedic and trauma surgery will be presented (flyer).

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Prosthetic Joint Infection

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