workshop MAR 2015 DSCF7646The Workshop on Prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) in March 2015 in Berlin was a great success!

Take a look at interesting and valuable feedbacks from participants:


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"Very good compressed course. It is quite difficult to find a course where you can learn about infections that orthopedics face in arthroplasty praxis. It is also very practical that we received presentations and actual articles on the topic. I would suggest adding more "native" infection i.e. diagnostic and treatment of osteomyelitis, as well as even more trauma cases."

Klaus Kjaer Petersen, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

"Very good and relevant presentations, which are important for the diagnosis and treatment of the PJI. It was a great experience to attend and meet some of the specialists in person."

Erko Höynck, Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek, Germany

"Good opportunity to network with variety of European colleagues."

Claire Edwards, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, United Kingdom




"Compact workshop, to the point, good to take-home message, including proactive discussions."

Anne Fietz, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany




"This workshop gives the participants the optimal clues in order to better manage implant-associated infections."

Alessandra Oliva, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy



"Multidisciplinary character of the event (surgeons, infectious diseases specialists, microbiologists), new insights, interesting discussions."

David Devolder, UZ Leuven, Belgium



"It was a very good workshop with very interesting choice of topics and speakers. I would have enjoyed a bit greater emphasis on antibiotic – therapy. Case presentations were very good."

Miriam Stegemann, Charité-University Medicine Berlin, Germany



"Newly insights, many take-home messages."

Thomas Bjerno, Region Hovedstaden, Denmark




"This workshop was a good opportunity to network with colleagues and see the European perspective. The presentation about biofilms was the highlight for me."

Caroline Barker, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, United Kingdom



"This workshop gives the opportunity to work together with interdisciplinary team and get broad up-to-date knowledge."

Carles Alonso Tarres, Hospital Moises Broggi-Consorci Sanitari Integral, Spain



"New and important insights in treatment of PJI. Improvement of daily patient care, plus patient outcome."

Andreas Becker, Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum, Germany



"I find this workshop really interesting, because it is interdisciplinary and covers topics for orthopedics, microbiologists, infectious diseases specialists and researchers. There are a lot of new things I will take back to my practice. I think this makes a really good job."

Martins Malzubris, Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Latvia



"As a molekular microbiologist I definitely recommend the workshop to my collegues."

John Wain, University of East Anglia, UK



"A lot of interactive discussions between many people from different fields."

Iain McNamara, Nottingham City Hospital/Norwich, UK



tobias winkler edt

"The workshop is a great meeting place for people who are dealing with periprosthetic joint infections in clinic every day. I am an orthopedic surgeon and I often attend courses, where only orthopedic surgeons participate. Here orthopedics, microbiologists, infectologists are discussing different cases, treatment modalities from different points of view. The culture of the discussion and the learning factor is incredibly good here. I think that new algorithms in the treatment of PJI are at the most importance for the success of the treatment of this disease. We have done too many things wrong in the past, and for the future it is necessary to spread the standards, the algorithms to cope with this disease properly. This workshop is a great chance to spread the new standards and new therapeutic concepts, which will allow to have a great success in the treatment of prosthetic joint infections. "

Tobias Winkler, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany
Daniel Perez Prieto edt2

"I think the workshop is really nice. Not only because of the interesting talks and people who came, but also because it is very open to discussions and different points of view. It is not only for orthopedic surgeons, but also for microbiologists, infectious diseases specialists, so it gives the insight in other point of view. For sure I will recommend this workshop to my colleagues when I get back to Barcelona, because it is really interesting."

Daniel Perez – Prieto, Hospital del Mar, Spain
Christian Morgenstern edt

"This is the second time I've been to this workshop and I have to say I am always enthusiastic about this workshop. It is very international, people interact very much. It is not just a lecture, it is really an interaction: people ask, people get answers, they put on their own experience, which is, I think, a fantastic thing. You hear the different problems that people are having and then you see the different approaches that you can take to get the solution. It's not just one-way thing, it's a give and take. I would also recommend it to my colleagues, I think it's a very good experience and you need to get out and see as much as you can. The more information you get, the better it is for you, you can then decide how to use it."

Christian Morgenstern, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany
Hinnerk Baecker edt

"I am enjoying very much to be the part of this workshop, because it is quite innovative to see all the different disciplines interacting with each other. For me it is a great opportunity to learn from others and to get the best possible input. If you want to be engaged in the field of periprosthetic joint infections and their treatment, you should take a chance and come here to learn about different diagnostic and treatment methods."

Hinnerk Baecker, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany
Werner Hettwer edt

"I think this is a really inspiring workshop. As an orthopedic surgeon I learn an incredible amount of aspects of antimicrobial diagnosis and treatment I wasn’t aware of. I would definitely recommend this workshop to my colleagues and particular trainees."

Werner Hettwer, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
Poul Pedersen edt

"I think this has been a very interesting workshop, mainly because we had a lot of discussions about actual cases. This is very important and gives the opportunity to learn a lot. I have discussed the participation in this workshop with my colleagues and we agreed that we all should come to the workshop."

Poul Pedersen, Vejle Hospital, Denmark
Alessandra Oliva edt

"In my opinion this workshop was very well organized and I enjoyed it very much. It was very interactive and people with different specializations like microbiologists, infectious diseases specialists and orthopedics could share their knowledge and their experience leading to a very multidisciplinary workshop. I think this is the most important part in treating prosthetic joint infections. I would recommend this workshop to all people working in disciplines of microbiology, infectious diseases and orthopedics."

Alessandra Oliva, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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