Leticia ZiggiottiLeticia Ziggiotti is a resident doctor in Infectious Diseases from Curitiba, Brazil, who performed 4-weeks observership at Septic Surgery Unit at Charité-University Medicine Berlin.


"Over the past few years, during my Infectious Diseases training, I realized that bone infections are a big part of an ID specialist routine, and how important it is to perform the correct microbiological diagnosis (which is not always easy!) and to choose the most appropriate treatment, regarding surgery and antimicrobial therapy.

I spent four weeks as an observer at Charité´s Septic Surgery ward with Dr Trampuz´s team, aiming to improve my knowledge on management of bone and prosthetic joint infections, and to understand the dynamics of a multidisciplinary approach envolving Infectious Diseases and Orthopedics teams.

During this period, I had the opportunity of following the discussions on clinical rounds and also infectious diseases diverse consults. I also joined weekly laboratory meetings and, in the lab, I observed some techniques for PJI diagnosis, as microcallorimetry, sonication and PCR.

Dr Trampuz and his team were always helpful and avalilable to discuss clinical cases and topics of my interest as antimicrobial choices and different surgical approaches on PJI treatment. The program is completely adjusted to each observer individual interest. It was an unique opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn how we can improve the patient care when different medical specialists work together as a team.

It was inspiring and it encourages me to work on building a similar environment in my home service. Besides, I really enjoyed learning about some ongoing clinical studies on PJI and biofilms. I would like to thank Dr. Trampuz and his great team for the attention, translations and welcoming atmosphere. It almost felt like home, despite the cold weather."

Leticia Ziggiotti de Oliveira, Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graçasí, Curitiba, Brazil

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