WS Sept 2015The Workshop on Prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) in June 2015 in Berlin was a great success!

Take a look at interesting and valuable feedbacks from participants:


You can also check out interesting photos from the workshop here.

Tobias Kramer

"I think this workshop is evolving very much. Every time you come here you see it is something else, or you learn a little bit more. There are always news to the very interesting topic of the periprosthetic joint infections. Even though I have been here for couple of times, every time it’s a little bit different. What I liked the most is the interdisciplinarity of this workshop. All of us - microbiologists, infectious diseases specialists, as well as surgeons can come together here and talk about our knowledge and our experience we have made in last couple of years in each specific field. It’s always nourishing for new projects and making new connections with colleagues from all over the world."

Tobias Kramer, LADR GmbH MVZ Neuruppin, Germany
Nina Gorisek

"The Workshop on Prosthetic Joint Infection is a great opportunity for people who work in this field to meet, to get the knowledge of new treatment approaches and to discuss real-life problems. I think the most important this workshop gives, is the opportunity to ask experts and hear different opinion from other participants, to hear different experiences, as well as different approaches to the treatment. I would definitely recommend this workshop to my colleagues, especially to those who work in the field of prosthetic joint infections: microbiologists, orthopedic surgeons and infectious diseases specialists."

Nina Gorisek, University Medical Centre Maribor, Slovenia
Katsiaryna Yermak

"I am attending this workshop for the second time and I think that every workshop is really a special one. Here are the new and best approaches and concepts about dealing with prosthetic joint infections discussed. Both – antibiotic and new alternative approaches are presented. What I find particularly unique about this workshop, is that it unifies different, at the first sight very distant medical specialties: microbiologists, infectologists and surgeons in one team. Interdisciplinary team is the key to the best treatment and outcomes of our patients."

Katsiaryna Yermak, Faculty of Medicine University of Maribor, Slovenia
Tomaz Malovrh

"I think this is a very well organized workshop with loads of discussions and interactions. It also has a very well-known and experienced expert faculty. What I would like to stress, is that I really got an impression the aim of this workshop is to build an interdisciplinary team and implement evidence based treatment algorithm of prosthetic joint infections as much as possible. I think it is very important. Prosthetic joint infection is a multidisciplinary problem and it should be treated the same way, involving orthopedic surgeons, infectious diseases specialists."

Tomaz Malovrh, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia


Anja Wieland

"I am clinical microbiologist and I find this workshop a great opportunity to meet medical experts with other specialties and discuss different approaches and experiences on the same topic. I really hope we can improve our working together. Of course I would recommend this workshop to microbiologists, surgeons and infectious diseases specialists, and also to internal medicine doctors. I think they can learn a lot here."

Anja Wieland, Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH, Germany
Shara Palanivel

"I really enjoyed the workshop. There were really friendly speakers with an interactive sessions and exchange of ideas, notable practice, and a lot of up to date research as well. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is involved with prosthetic joint infections, so people working in the lab, clinicians, infectious control specialists and microbiologists."

Shara Palanivel, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, United Kingdom
Sathishkumar Balasubramanian

"I had a very good time here. I see a very good interaction here. The best thing for me as an orthopedic surgeon was to see the kind of orthopedic-microbiologist approach dealing with very complicated, very infected cases. It was really helpful and useful for me in all aspects, and I will take this point to my hospital. I will definitely recommend this workshop to my friend who is a microbiologist in my hospital. I think she should also to come here. I find this two-day workshop very important. Moreover, it’s very cheap and offers good hospitality."

Sathishkumar Balasubramanian, South Tyneside District Hospital, United Kingdom

"Excellent quality workshop, perfect moderators, interesting topics! I will recommend the workshop to all my Swedish colleagues in this field."

Per Akesson, University Hospital of Skåne, Sweden

"Very good overview, informative, many case discussions, very interdisciplinary"




"Very interesting topics, informative lectures and well-designed workshops."




"Always updated, following the actuality and reality between clinic and micro lab."




"Good overview over current trends is given."




"Very nice overview, good charts to go back to."




"New facts, which are hardly transferable to the clinic, except, if colleagues will join these workshops and get convinced to change procedures in daily clinic life."




"Great and recommendable. Slides as paper is very good as well."



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